Mountain Taxi Badacsony

Special experience only in Badacsony, only with the Hegyi Taxi!
From the heart of Badacsony, from the Dísztér to the real, local wine cellars, restaurants, Kisfaludy springs, the Rózsakő, the famous Szegedy Róza house / museum/, and to other places of sight or panoramic photo. The taxi is a 6-seater RETRO-like, but equipped with the 21st century technology UAZ HUNTER off-road vehicle.
Our services:
– Passenger transport (up to 6 persons) to the Badacsony.
– Transportation of family events, friend events, class excursions with other mountain taxis.
– Wedding photography with an old, red UAZ 469 Hegyi Taxi. (only for photography, transportation is only with the new UAZ HUNTER available)
More information:
Zoltán Szántai with the red striped Hegyi Taxi.
Tel .: + 36-20-424-5236